Dealing with Anxiety as a Nursing Student


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My guest this week is Cerys, a third year nursing student in London who is currently trying to manage a CNA job, working as a covid vaccinator, and keeping up with her school work .Cerys opens up to me about her journey with anxiety, how covid has affected her as a nursing student, and we chat about what the Laura Hyde Foundation is! If you love this podcast, SUBSCRIBE/LIKE/REVIEW on whatever platform you listen to your podcasts!
If you are interested in learning more about Cerys, below is her instagram handle:
I am not a licensed professional therapist/doctor, please always consult with your physician on medications and reach out to someone if you are having any mental health issues. Nothing on this podcast serves as a substitute for a diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention. I am only here to share my own personal experiences and each individual has their own unique journey, therefore my experience may not be the same as yours.

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