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In his annual look back at this podcast, host Kevin Patton reviews what we learned this year in A&P teaching. Which was a lot! He also looks ahead to what to expect in teaching—and in the podcast—as we go forward.

  • 00:49 | Looking Back
  • 10:15 | Those Darn Sponsor Messages
  • 14:40 | There's More!
  • 22:49 | Psychic Predictions
  • 38:30 | TAPP Community
  • 47:02 | TAPP Education | TAPP-ed
  • 51:34 | Our Complex Selves
  • 55:35 | Staying Connected

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Looking back we see with great clarity, and what once appeared as difficulties now reveal themselves as blessings. (Dan Millman)

Looking Back...

9.5 minutes

Kevin kicks off his annual debriefing of the last full year of this podcast, which started its fourth year on 15 January 2021. As usual, the podcast seems to have accomplished a lot more than he was thinking.

Those Darn Sponsor Messages

4.5 minutes

Sponsor messages are a fair trade when somebody else pays for your podcast listening. And they give important reminders about programs and services available to you and your colleagues!

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There's more!

8 minutes

Some changes and additions over the last year...

  • And listens are up 30% over last year!
  • We moved away from Preview episodes, but till have occasional Word Dissections (22 in 2020) and recommendations from The A&P Professor Book Club (7 in 2020).
  • Kevin's new bestselling book based partly on podcast content: Pandemic Teaching: A Survival Guide for College Faculty. The free eBook was released in April and the paper back is due out any day. books2read.com/pandemicteaching
  • Krista Rompolski created The A&P Professor Journal Club, which offered three special episodes this year.

Psychic Predictions

15.5 minutes

Kevin uses his psychic powers (meaning he uses his mind) to predict trends for the coming year and beyond.

  • The current pandemic will extend through the next academic year and there may be more pandemics to come.
    • Fauci says herd immunity possible by fall, ‘normality’ by end of 2021 (news from The Harvard Gazette) my-ap.us/3ceYHtY
    • Avian Influenza Virus (H5N1): a Threat to Human Health (review article) my-ap.us/3pi0CBH
    • 100 Years Since 1918: Are We Ready for the Next Pandemic? (interesting slide presentation published just prior to COVID-19 pandemic, links the 1918 pandemic to current needs for preparedness) my-ap.us/3a1NaeO
    • 10 infectious diseases that could be the next pandemic (post from a vaccination alliance) my-ap.us/36fp27o
  • Changes in staffing, working conditions, contract protections, tenure, etc.
    • As the Pandemic Hits Campus Finances, Faculty Face Layoffs (article from The Scientist) my-ap.us/3cqmtDt
    • Hit by Covid-19, Colleges Do the Unthinkable and Cut Tenure | Schools facing steep drops in revenue scale back the age-old role of faculty in governance (article from The Wall Street Journal) my-ap.us/2M3ZRO0

TAPP Community

8.5 minutes

This year, we took The A&P Professor experience to a new level by offering the new online private community away from distracting social media platforms, tangle email threads, and the roiling sea of available webinars. It's still in its embryonic stage, but we wanted to get it out there during the pandemic when faculty need it the most.

  • Discussions that matter. In our private space, we can have the vulnerability needed for authentic, deep discussions. Discussions not limited to a sentence or two at a time.
  • No ads. No spam. No fake news. No thoughtless re-shares. Just plain old connection with others who do what you do!
  • Privacy. The A&P Professor community has the connectivity of Facebook and Twitter, but the security of a private membership site. None of your information can be shared outside the community, so you can share what you like without it being re-shared to the world. Like your dean, for instance. In our community, you can share your frustrations freely. And find support.
  • No algorithms. You get to choose what you want to see. You curate your own feed, selecting only those topics that interest you. Join subgroups that resonate with who you are—or who you want to be.
  • Access to mentors and like-minded peers. Our community is made up of all kinds of people from all over the world, each with different perspectives and experiences of teaching A&P. Find members near you—or far away. Connect with members online at that moment.
  • Courses, groups, and live events. As the community grows, we'll add mini-courses and micro-courses—some with earned micro-credentials, live virtual office hours with me and other mentors or guests, private special-interest groups, and more.
  • There is a very modest subscription fee to join our community.

TAPP Education | TAPP-ed

4.5 minutes

Now all the professional development—that continuing education—that you do when you listen to The A&P Professor podcast, read the books recommended in The A&P Professor Book Club, watch the online seminars at The A&P Professor website, any micro-courses or networking you do in The A&P Professor Community, can be documented with micro-credentials! It's the new The A&P Professor Education or TAPP-ed initiative.

Click this link to claim your credential for listening to this episode: form.jotform.com/210247218258150

Our Complex Selves

4 minutes

As we muddle through pandemic teaching, we become more complex. As we cycle through optimism, pessimism, hope, anxiety, triumph, we are changed. Some changes are good; some are not. We'll probably come out of this with some sort of pandemic-related PTSD—at least in terms of our teaching experience. Building resilience and hope are essential. A supportive professional community—and your favorite podcast—can help.

  • The A&P Professor Community
  • It's hard to be optimistic after surviving trauma, but it's not impossible. Here's how to start. | We all say we want to move on after terrible periods in our lives, but it can be more difficult than it sounds. (self-help article) my-ap.us/2NCGlsz

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