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In this episode you hear Amani talk about her kitchen and office nook. By the end of this lesson you will learn vocabulary and useful phrases to describe your kitchen and office space in Levantine Arabic.

Don't forget the worksheet:

Learn everyday Levantine Arabic by listening to our podcasts that are organized in lesson series form. Every lesson series includes ten episodes on a specific topic and they come with worksheets to improve listening comprehension and broaden your lexicon of spoken Arabic. All the episodes in the lesson series My Life for elementary level learners are divided into different subtopics ranging from family and friends to home and work.

Not only will you improve your listening comprehension and develop your vocabulary but also learn about our culture here in Amman, Jordan. Each recording comes with an audio script and interactive exercises to help you understand and use the target language highlighted in the accompanied worksheet.

Kindly note that all the learning materials are free and available for you to download and copy for educational use only. You may not redistribute, sell or place these materials on any other web site without written permission.

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