Episode 149: How do you become an archaeology and anthropology YouTuber?


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Today, Stefan Milosavljevich (Stefan Milo on YouTube) talks to us about his inspiration and process of creating YouTube videos all about archaeology, anthropology and human evolution.

How did Stefan get started on YouTube and what first inspired him to start doing videos on his passion subjects of archaeology and anthropology? What does he believe are the keys to producing a quality video? What have been the most popular videos on the channel and how is his approach of using academic sources for his videos an important factor in designing the content?

As two science communicators using different media platforms, Stefan and Michael also discuss online public engagement work more broadly. What are the barriers to effective communication work being promoted within academic circles? How can aspiring content creators get started in the first instance, and what are Stefan's best tips for working with video and beginning a side-project/hobby/career on YouTube?

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