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Kenton and David arrange who’s doing what for the Harvest Supper at Brookfield. Jolene and Kenton will provide drinks and entertainment for the evening. David nominates Ruth in her absence to co-ordinate food contributions. The brothers muse over Ben’s new relationship with Beth Casey. Is her family planning an Archers takeover with her dad also dating Elizabeth, teases Kenton. Meanwhile, Tracy’s been in touch to ask if Chelsea can practice driving on Brookfield land. Kenton thinks David should say yes. Alice returns Martha to Chris and finds him badly hung over. Amy had given her a heads up so she didn’t come too early. She’s sympathetic about his suffering and relieved to know he’s not going to make a habit of drinking too much. Chris congratulates Alice on her progress with giving up alcohol and admits he’s really going to miss her now they’re no longer a couple. Alice assures worried Chris that The Nest is his for as long as he likes. Chris wishes her luck saying goodbye to Banjo tomorrow. After learning about the stranger on Beechwood, Helen’s already organised for them all to stay at Bridge Farm. She’s not taking any risks; it’s clear that Rob is back and intends to try to snatch Jack again. Later, Lee tries to calm Helen, who’s frustrated by the actions of the police. With the authorities not doing enough in her eyes, it’s down to Helen and Lee and the rest of the family to keep Henry and Jack safe.

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