Paul Kegen from S&K Group – How To Be Consistent, Efficient And Meticulous


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Paul Kegen is an architect and co-founder of S&K Group, an architecture and construction company based in Melbourne which he co-founded in 2013.

S&K Group have built projects for some of Melbourne’s best-known architects and interior designers, including GOLDEN, Studio Esteta and Flack studio. They also design and build residential and commercial projects for private clients.

Paul has recently launched a new business called Terren, where they offer a range of ready-to-build house plans that clients can either build with S&K Group at a verified build price, or take to a builder of their choice.

In this conversation, Paul and I discuss his strategies for calculating and communicating fees to clients, picking the righ projects, making your team’s output consistent and efficient, how to form partnerships to drive business growth, building referrals from your professional network, the important of experimenting with your marketing and how to create content for social media.

If you’d like to learn more about Paul, you can visit or follow S&K Group on Instagram at @sandk_group.

You can also check our Terren at

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