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This is like a weather report, you're just stating the facts like an observer while possessing that observer-mindset.
What’s not working/needs to change . . . because . . .

We have to get real about the negatives in our lives so we can make a plan

to transform them, or at least to consciously not pay attention to them (in which case, some of our so-called problems often tend to disappear).

Next to each thing that you note that isn’t working, consider “WHY that issue is causing you negative stress or pain . . .”

Approach this as an observer. You’re a witness to the story. You are noticing the type of things that aren’t working.

Healthy observations are these: what feels “off,” out of alignment, painful, or incomplete. Unhealthy observations are lists of complaints, taking the position of self-victimization—of something that you feel is happening to you. Blaming. And that includes self-blame and criticism.

Stay in the witness mode, and try to simply notice what in your life is currently causing some suffering or frustration.

Don’t go into fix-it mode yet. We’re just observing.


WHAT’S NOT WORKING . . . I’m dissatisfied or frustrated. Disappointed, agitated, suffering.

BECAUSE . . . (how/why this circumstance creates stress or pain).

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