Doug Bopst | The Obvious Secret to Conquering Addiction & 3 Steps to Building a Better Life


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In today’s episode, we cover how to conquer addiction with Doug Bopst. Doug is an award-winning personal trainer, author, speaker, and business owner, who turned his life around from felon and drug addict to help countless individuals build the confidence and strength to succeed in life.

Substance abuse and addiction goes beyond simply using drugs to experience a temporary high, so what can you do to identify the cause of an addiction, how can you rebuild your life after addiction, and why is physical exercise so important in the recovery process?

What to Listen For

  • Doug Bopst’s Story - 0:00

  • What made Doug turn his life around after being convicted of a felony?
  • How did Doug Bopst’s childhood lead to addiction and crime?

  • Improving Your Life After Addiction - 8:25 (Starts with Johnny saying, “If that energy isn’t channeled…”)

  • What can you do to remove toxic relationships from your life?
  • How do you leave one social circle to build a new one?
  • What do you look for if you want to make new friends that won’t lead you down a path dangerous to your future?

  • Conquering Addiction - 21:50 (Starts with AJ saying, “What I want to talk about is…”)

  • How do you break an addiction without simply ending it and replacing it with another as many do?
  • Why is physical exercise so important when it comes to maintaining a healthy body and mind in addiction recovery?
  • What can you do to build will power so you can build a healthier lifestyle to replace your addiction?

  • Building Relationships After Addiction - 31:55 (Starts with AJ saying, “Absolutely, that deep why is such an important part…”)
  • What can you do to repair the bridges you burned while you were battling addiction?
  • What happened to the cellmate who inspired Doug Bopst to turn his life around and become the best version of himself?

The source of addiction is not simply wanting a high, but filling a void that can exist in all of us due to pain, trauma, loss, a lack of love, etc. What this means for those suffering from addiction is that the pain is still there even if you stop abusing the substance in question. Addicts use in order to fill that void, so to properly recover, you must find a healthy way of slowly filling the emptiness with a love for yourself. You must become the source of your own fulfillment and happiness.

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