BJ Fogg | Biggest Myth About Habits & 2 Strategies to Decreasing Screentime


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In today’s episode, we cover the breaking and creation of habits with BJ Fogg. BJ founded the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University and teaches industry innovators how human behavior works.

There are plenty of misconceptions floating around the internet surrounding making and breaking habits, so what is the biggest one, what does the science actually say about habit formation, and what can you start doing today to break those bad habits you’re feeling stuck with?

What to Listen For

  • What is Behavior Design and how can you use it to become the best version of yourself?
  • What is the Tiny Habits method and how can we implement it now to start creating long lasting habits?
  • Why is it important to start implementing a new habit by making it as easy as possible?
  • What is the biggest myth about habit formation?
  • Why can habit trackers be detrimental to healthy habit development?
  • What is the secret to promoting positive behavioral changes in your kids?
  • What is the difference between habit and compliance and why is one detrimental in the long run?
  • Why are positive emotions so significant in the creation of new habits and how can we use that knowledge to build better habits faster?
  • What are the 3 phases to getting rid of unwanted habits?
  • What 2 strategies can you use to reduce your weekly screentime and be more present in social situations?

Habit formation is not as simple as just doing something for a specific number of days. Many of us know there are things we only had to try once or twice before we started doing them everyday because it only took one or two times to recognize how good doing those things made us feel. Because we as humans don’t fully incorporate behavioral changes unless we want to, we must recognize and feel the positive impacts a new behavioral change will have in order to solidify it.

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