E134 | Stephen Pak: Adaptable Leadership in the Workplace and Beyond


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As with most things in life, context matters. And whether we intend to or not, our behavior changes depending on our current environment. Yes, being ourselves is important, but it’s not realistic (nor effective) to behave the same way in every situation. Instead, mastering the ability to adapt is key to executing our roles successfully.

Stephen Pak has spent his life mastering the art of adaptability. Now a retired Major in the Air Force Reserves, Stephen spent 12 years active duty working as SWAT team leader and later a Special Agent in the Office of Special Investigations where he specialized in Counterintelligence Operations to disrupt spy and terrorist efforts domestically and abroad. After leaving active duty he spent time working on strategy consulting for intelligence agencies and Fortune 500 companies. He spent just under five years leading different businesses at Amazon and currently leads teams at Facebook making products safer for the community.

Stephen and I cover:

  • Context switching and how to be the best version of yourself in each role

  • How communication changes as you move up the leadership ladder

  • Managing stigma, expectations and assumptions when switching careers

  • Effectively leveraging past experiences to get the next job

Connect with Stephen:

Via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephenpak/

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