Budget Special with Simon King, CIO of Vermeer Partners


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In this episode Simon King, CIO of Vermeer Partners, and I focus on the Chancellor’s budget and the main takeaways from his statement (2.36). This was an inflationary budget and with inflation very much here in the UK, it leaves the Bank of England caught between a rock and a hard place (10.23). In the corporate sector, who were the winners and what problems were kicked into the long grass (11.25).

Simon’s latest missive, titled a ‘Wind of Change’, captures the changing economic conditions we believe Covid has accelerated (15.27). We discuss the perfect storm in the commodity sector right now (20.31) and the long-term inflationary force that changing demographics will play in the future (23.02). Switching to China, the CCP is pursuing it’s ‘common prosperity agenda’ and I ask Simon whether the regulatory clamp down provides too much of a risk for investors in China (26.19).

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