"Best of": How She Did It - How to Sell $100K WITHOUT Ads, w/ Nicole Burke


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Today, I am bringing you a “Best of” episode that is more relevant now than ever.

What I love most about Facebook and Instagram ads is that when you use them to grow an online business, they are a source of predictable leads and sales. That is the foundation of a scalable business, especially when combined with your organic efforts, such as social media, a podcast, blog or YouTube channel.

What holds so many people from running ads though is the fear of losing money (and/or time!) and not having any results to show for it. Today’s guest is Nicole Burke, and you’re going to get a lot from her story of how she overcame this fear to run ads, and after figuring them out, she is now off to the races!

In addition to running a brick and mortar business called Rooted Garden, which she started with only $400 and grew it to 6-figures in just one year, Nicole is the founder of Gardenary, the online platform that connects beginner and learning gardeners with experienced gardeners through courses, workshops, and garden coaching. Most of our conversation focuses on this business, and how Nicole grew it to over 6-figures as well, without the use of ads and by using super-smart organic strategies, especially on Instagram.

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • How Nicole fell in love with backyard gardening and then created a business around it
  • Why she moved to the online space, plus the pivotal role that Instagram played for her
  • The big vision that Nicole has created for her life and business, and the way she is working backward to achieve it all
  • How she was able to go from a launch that generated just three sales to filling 35 spots in her membership in just a short period of time
  • What she is doing to manage a business professional and personal life while moving towards her long-term vision for the companies
  • Four key strategies that Nicole has used to build her online community intentionally, including one powerful Instagram strategy that you’re going to want to give a try
  • The challenges and limiting beliefs she faced in running Facebook ads and the way that Nicole has overcome them

Now that Nicole has shifted her mindset on paid ads and is seeing great success by using them, the sky is the limit for her and I’m so excited to be sharing this conversation with you today. I hope you can use these lessons to grow your business, and let us Nicole and I know how the strategies she revealed work for you!

If you’d like my help as you do this for your business, then I want to invite you to apply for my Accelerator group coaching program. To find out whether you’re a good fit, go to www.rickmulready.com/accelerator to find out more.

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