The Secret to High Converting Launch Copy with Brittany McBean


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Do you want to know how to have the best launch copy on the block?

Today we have Brittany McBean back on the podcast! She is here to talk to us about the entire process of putting together the copy and messaging that we used for my Offer to Optimized launch.

Her and I are covering a lot in this episode. We are breaking down the strategy process of the launch, how we nail down our perfect customer and what the research process looks like. We are also covering how to use surveys to get quality data, what messaging for a launch strategy looks like and more.

Brittany McBean is a conversion copywriter who helps online entrepreneurs stand out with crystal clear messaging and a laser-focused strategy.

She loves writing personality-packed websites, emails, and launches that make the big bucks—and teaching people how to be unapologetically confident, relentlessly snarky, and remarkably persuasive.

On Today's Episode You'll Learn:

  • Brittany’s money-making order of operations
  • Why you have to know your audience before anything else
  • How to research your audience
  • What makes an email survey successful
  • The best way to make a survey
  • How to write specific and engaging questions
  • What sort of questions went into our survey
  • The value of identifying patterns and themes in research
  • The difference between messaging and launch strategy
  • Why you should do a pre-launch

Brittany’s approach to writing copy has been a game changer for my business. This episode is well worth a listen because there is much to be learned from her.

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