How to Sell More Without Even Selling with Brandon Lucero (Part II)


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Are you ready to learn some mind-blowing strategies for creating effective messaging?

If you didn’t catch Part I of my conversation with Brandon, you should do that before listening to this so you know what we’re talking about when we reference that episode!

In Part II, we are going to keep moving through the discussion about messaging. Specifically, we are talking all about how to sell more without even selling.

Brandon Lucero is the founder of the Video 4x effect methodology which fixes and elevates content inside of online brands and companies. He is responsible for millions of views and products sold online by focusing content and messaging on changing beliefs, shifting perspective, and the psychology of engagement, selling, and behavior.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of having a congruent brand and voice
  • The role of communication in sales
  • How to get to know the problems that your customers are experiencing
  • The importance of understanding how the subconscious works
  • The significance of how you say things
  • Why giving an example is so powerful
  • Patterns that you can use to strengthen your communication

I know you will get a ton out of this episode because I was taking notes like crazy!

If you want to hear more of what we’ve been talking about in these episodes at a much deeper level, you’re going to want to catch Brandon’s brand new Content Revolution Video Series.

You will learn how to create engaging content with unique messaging that creates demand for your offer, builds profitable connection with your audience, and forces you to stand out in your niche. I will be available on March 1st. It’s totally free, and you can register at

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