Optimized Team Building: Your First Hire(s)


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Have you thought about how hiring a team could save you time and make you more money? Who would your first hire be?

This is one of my favorite things to talk about. How you can create more freedom and leverage in your business through hiring a team. And it’s not just about bringing people onto your team and into your business. It’s really about having an optimized team. We’ll get into exactly what that means in the episode.

In the past several episodes I've talked about how in order to become the optimized CEO of your business, there are three areas that you've got to be focusing on: optimized sales, optimized mind, and optimized time. That third pillar is what we're really going to dive into today.

Optimized time means that you are planning and leveraging your time effectively so that you're hitting your revenue and impact goals within the amount of time that you want to work each week. A huge part of optimizing your time is having an effective and optimized team...because if you truly want to create a business with impact, you cannot do it yourself.

Today I want to take you through my thought process behind building an optimized team and how to prepare for your first hire.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn:

  • The value of having the mindset of a CEO
  • How to be strategic when considering what roles to hire for
  • Why you should be thinking about hiring before you think you need it
  • You should be hiring for the business that you want to create down the road
  • The importance of hiring people who align with your values and your vision
  • How to audit your time
  • Why you should have documented systems and processes in place for the tasks that you want to hire out
  • The benefits of having a 90-day trial period for new hires

Building an optimized team can create more freedom and leverage for you in your business. If you plan for your first hire efficiently, you will ultimately save time and make more money.

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