The Switch: How I Became Strategic and Intentional With My Messaging & Content


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Have you changed your messaging since starting your business? I bet you have!

In today’s episode, I am sharing with you my journey when it comes to messaging and a few takeaways that I think will help you a lot.

We are talking a lot about how your messaging will evolve as your business grows and what you can do to figure out the right messaging for your ideal customer avatar.

Your messaging and your content will allow you to attract your perfect customers and repel the people who don't align with you, so it is important that you feel prepared to tackle it.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn:

  • How and where I started to shift my messaging into a more holistic approach
  • Why I was okay with a slight drop in following and listenership in the process
  • The importance of redefining your ideal customer avatar as you shift your messaging
  • Allowing a certain word or phrase to drive your business
  • Why you need to get clear on your values
  • How your experience will shape your messaging and business pillars
  • What it looks like to flesh out your messaging visually

Remember, your content is simply the vehicle for your messaging, and it is never too late to change directions in your business if you are feeling a strong pull

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