Here's Why You Need To Learn The Process To Create Your Formula For Success


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Robert Raymond Riopel is the best-selling author and podcast host of Success Left a Clue. He is also the creator of the interactive web platform and app called AmentorA. Robert started his journey in personal development with guidance from complete strangers. This has led him to find his true passion for learning and teaching others.

During his extensive travels teaching around the world, he recognized that success has left clues everywhere. These are in the form of insights that people, like himself, have come to learn through experience and trial and error that they now pass on to those who follow, allowing others to bypass obstacles and obtain results sooner.

Listen in as they discuss:

  • Robert’s journey to success
  • The difference between being a manager and a leader
  • The difference between a like-minded person and a growth-minded person
  • Clues to look out for to live a successful life

“ Follow the system, get the success that has been proven by the system so that now have the success.” ~ Robert Raymond Riopel

Robert also shares with us the worst advice he has seen or heard given in his area of expertise to people who want to achieve success and improve their lives.


Scott: Check out, it's a landing page generator. If you create landing pages with all the cool stuff like a countdown timer, you can do it with for free.

Robert: My tip is just to be yourself, show up for who you are. Whatever you do, either people are going to like you or they don't. If they like you or not that's awesome, how much time do we waste trying to please people and be something they want. So, just be you! Also, my first book that I wrote which is an international best-seller, called Success Left A Clue. What I would love to do is for people to go to my website, they can download the entire digital copy as a gift for them. But it does come with a caveat, I wrote the book as a workbook, which means there are action steps. At the end of the book, I'd always say, "Did you do the action, if not, stop and go back. Do the action before you continue reading." I would love for them to download, read it and do the action steps. Success is not only money; it's mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial.


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