Ep. 35 I (Barbershop Talk) - Leo Shares His Thoughts After Attending The Rally Against Hate In NY (Over 10,000 Attendees, A Mother Getting Attacked On The Way To The Rally, Seeing Andrew Yang, MC JIN, & More)


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For today's Barbershop Talk, Leo and I talk about his experience attending the Rally Against Hate In NY, where over 10,000 attendees came out to protest.
In this episode, we discuss:

- Rally being packed (over 10,000 people came out)

- What the atmosphere was like at the rally

- Rally provided a morale boost to the people

- Seeing influential Asian Americans present at the rally

- How a mother was punched in the face on the way to the rally

- Being able to see different perspectives

- Addressing the issue with the older generation Asian Americans who are racist

- Shaun King posting about anti-Asian hate

- Have you seen other Asians attacking elders unprovoked?

- Imagining all of the other attacks that haven't been reported or caught on video

- Having non-Asian friends checking up on you

- What kind of solutions are being created to combat the violence against Asian Americans

- Drawing parallels from Warrior show to today's climate

- 75-year-old Grandma who fought back against her attacker in San Francisco


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