[Barbershop Talk] - Not American Enough For America And Not Asian Enough For Asia (Being Embarrassed of our Asian names, Being The Only Asian, ABC vs Immigrant, And More)


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For today's Barbershop Talk, Leo and I talk about our experience being Asian American in America. As a result of the #StopAsianHate movement, many Asian Americans have been sharing their experiences on what it's like to be Asian in America, so we decided to share our own experience for today's podcast.
In this episode, we discuss:

- Our Asian names
- Being embarrassed about our names

- Mike learning about the meaning behind his name

- Mike talks about his experience being bullied

- Being called "chino" in middle school

- Being the only Asian at school

- Having a hard time being proud of your ethnicity because we don't know our history in America

- Leo facing discrimination

- Leo growing up in an ethnically diverse environment

- Dealing with ABC vs. Immigrants

- Understanding the importance of unity, especially now

- Experience being Asian in the workplace

- Having a chip on our shoulders motivated us to become better

- Why a majority of Asians take backend jobs

- Is Chinese food American as Pizza?
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