Tim Dessaint (Men's Fashion and Lifestyle Content Creator) - How Tim Was Able To Grow A Massive Following In The Fashion Space While Staying Authentic And True To Himself


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I have Tim Dessaint, a men's fashion and lifestyle content creator who helps guys dress better for today's Spotlight Episode, joining me. Tim has been able to amass a huge social media following thanks to his unique approach to content creation in the tune of 500k subscribers, 1.6 million followers on Tik Tok, and 240k followers on Instagram. We talk about his inspiration behind content creation, using fashion as a way to build confidence, struggling early on to gain traction, and more.
In this episode, we discuss:

- Living a nomadic life as a kid, he moved around a lot due to his parent's profession
- How fashion helped him build confidence
- How he got into content creation
- Getting his first corporate job and realizing it wasn't for him
- Realized he needed to find a job he enjoyed
- Doing freelance work to make ends meet
- Most new years resolutions made at the beginning of the year go incompleted
- Making little traction on Instagram
- Making the switch to YouTube
- Tim talks about his mother having a difficult life
- How Tim's mother felt about him jumping into content creation
- Giving himself a deadline, and if things didn't work out, then he would get a regular job
- Video went viral exactly on the deadline date he established
- Seeing money from his content for the first time
- How did you feel about your video going viral?
- What his first real brand deal was
- Being highly competitive
- Tim shares his best piece of advice
- Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
You can follow Tim Dessaint on Instagram at @timdessaint.

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