Jason Tobin (Actor) - The Man Behind Young Jun Of The Hop Wei Tong In Warrior Show Based On Bruce Lee's Original Writings


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I have Jason Tobin, an actor best known for his role in the instant classic "Better Luck Tomorrow" and more recently as Young Jun in the hit show "Warrior" based on Bruce Lee's original writings, joining me for today's spotlight episode. We talk about his struggles making it an actor in LA, getting his big break, how he got the role as Young Jun, Warrior getting renewed for a third season, and more.

In this episode, we discuss:

-Born in Hong Kong but moved around a bit due to his father's occupation

-Went to boarding school where he first picked up the acting bug

-How he wanted to be an actor but didn't know how to

-Thought acting was for certain people only

-Moving to LA to pursue acting full-time

-How amazing it is to be a part of Warrior

-Debunking the myth that actors need to be extroverted to be successful

-One of his favorite things to do is people watch

-If he walked around like he was Young Jun in real life, then he would be considered a douche bag

- Started at the bottom with acting and struggled a lot

-Director Justin Lin thought about Jason Tobin when he first wrote Better Luck Tomorrow

-Better Luck Tomorrow for him is the gift that keeps on giving

-There's a stereotype in the industry that says Asians can't act

-The story behind the role for Young Jun

-Realizing the significance of his role as Young Jun

-Warrior being renewed for Season 3

-What to expect for Season 3

-The best piece of advice

-Where he sees himself in the next five years
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