Ben Pullen (Cardiff Metropolitan University): Using S&C for holistic youth development.


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Ben Pullen is a PhD student in the Youth Physical Development Centre at Cardiff Metropolitan University. His research focuses on the impact of strength and conditioning on the athletic motor skill competencies and the psychological attributes of youths. His PhD is a joint project with the Welsh Institute of Performance Science, Sport Wales and Swansea University.

In this episode Ben discusses:

  • Taking performance out of the athletic development equation.

  • How S&C can be an activity that benefits children in a way sport doesn't

  • The misconception that talented youth athletes already possess movement competency.

  • An overview of his PhD research investigating the effect of S&C on both physical and psychological factors.

  • Understanding the constraints led approach to coaching.

  • The grey area of competition in children and how to manage it to get desired coaching outcomes.

You can keep up with Ben's work via his Research Gate profile, Twitter: @Ben_Pullen and Instagram: @bpullen_coach .

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