COVID Isolation has Domestic Abuse SOARING


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This episode is a reintroduction to my YouTube channel, The Audacious Life Podcast, and a discussion about the the impact of COVID isolation has seen Domestic Abuse SOARING behind closed doors.

I share how awareness around abuse is increasing and how I plan to use my channel to move forward and help women start over and thrive.

This episode is also a plea for those who have someone in your life you suspect is suffering behind closed doors; please be the person who believes them and supports them even if just by listening and understanding. Your simple validation goes a long way!!!

If you or someone you care about needs anonymous support via phone or text, check out the National Domestic Violence Hotline, aka The HOTLINE at Please watch, subscribe, and hit the bell for notifications on YouTube - I'l be looking for your comments and feedback. :-)

If you want to support women internationally and see what Charlize Theron's organization is doing to help women and reduce gender-based violence during COVID, see Together for Her -

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