The Most Unconservative Right-Wing Comedian: The Brent Pella Interview


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On The Babylon Bee Interview Show, Ethan and Trevor talk to comedian Brent Pella. They talk about comedy without an agenda, cancel culture, and his hatred for Gavin Newsom. Brent Pella has performed stand-up comedy around the country and gained fame on YouTube doing sketch comedy. Some of his most popular impressions have been Eminem, Gavin Newsom, Joe Rogan, and many others. You can see when Brent is performing near you at his website

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Topics Discussed

Being without an agenda

Being seen as a conservative comedian

Mocking the left

How Brent grew up

Making fun of yourself

Hanging out with J.P. Sears

Wearing masks

Getting canceled

Nick Cannon

Gina Carrano


Gov. Newsom

Trying out different comedic personas

Finding a political label

Political party labels

Georgia voting laws

Intentions being assigned

Having in-depth conversations


UCB and Groundlings

Subscriber Portion

Brent’s origin into comedy

Bombing on a cruise ship

Best stand-up comics


10 questions

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