24. Revisionist History - The US Constitution & Secession with Mike Gaddy


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In the episode, Craig talks with his mentor and dear friend, Mike Gaddy, about secession. For many people, when they hear the word “secession,” slavery is the first thing that comes to mind. But is that a correct representation of secession throughout American history?

Mike has spent over 30 years searching for answers and information to map out a true and accurate representation of US history. His discovery? Oftentimes what we were taught in history class was a filtered down version of a multitude of complex events. This historical filter contributes to a false narrative regarding our understanding of the Constitution and our rights therein. According to Mike secession is peppered throughout true US history, and this fact has just been suppressed and removed from its historical context. Tune in to hear about the historical precedents for secession pre-Civil War, why the South wanted out of the Union, and if secession may be feasible in a modern context.

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