36. Love Without Borders with Josh Allen


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Josh Allen sits down with Craig to discuss his article “Christians without Borders.” Josh is a deacon at his church and focuses his life on doing what’s right and loving everyone around him regardless of nationality, political party, or any other measure.

Craig and Josh explore the Christian response to people coming across the United States' southern border and how they understand it as christians and anarchists. Regardless of one’s political stance, Jesus taught that everyone is our neighbor and commanded us to love them. Our focus should be on His borderless Kingdom, not on the Empire of America. We need to give ourselves permission to let our love for God and for all people be our priority in life life with others, whoever these "others" may be. “Anarchist friends. Don't let anarchy be to you what politics is to the folks that we've sort of left behind. Right? Love Jesus. More than you love anarchy or anything else.” - Josh Allen

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