40. Christianity in the Eye of the Storm with Jessica Green


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Jessica Green has a podcast with Cam Harless. They are “The Mad Ones”, an absurdist comedy duo talking about what happened in politics each week and other silly things. Each episode is sprinkled with “white pill” humor based on the fact that the government is exposing itself as a giant monster, which makes spreading truth and anarchy easier. Give them a listen live on Wednesday nights at 10 pm EST. Jessica herself can be found on Twitter as @soupcanarchist.

In this episode, Jessica joins us to talk about emergency preparedness. Jessica got into this realm herself in 2014 when she got trapped in her apartment by a freak snowstorm in Atlanta with basically no food. Since then, she has moved out to the country, started stocking canned food, gotten chickens, started a garden, and began learning how to live off the land so she will never have to depend on government assistance (which usually proves to be too little too late).

Are you ready for an unexpected event? Look at what happened in Texas, where it never snows. We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. There are forces outside of our control that directly affect us daily (weather, financial markets, civil unrest, governmental decrees…). We need to learn survival skills and be ready to come together with our communities so we can get through whatever crisis may come. This episode is a good place to start; Jessica is here to teach us how to take small steps every week that lead to our survival.

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