41: Creating Intentional Rhythms & Routines for the New Year


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Trying to reach big and flashy goals can be intimidating, especially as we head into a new year that still has a lot of uncertainties. In this upcoming year, we have an opportunity to let go of that need for control and allow ourselves to find peace in the areas of life we can control.

In today’s episode, Robin shares how to integrate new rhythms and routines into your daily life to make them a habit. She also discusses how you can set little goals in your day-to-day life without putting pressure on yourself.

Join Robin in this episode to learn more about her new guide to create a life that works for you by integrating components of a healthy, balanced life.

You can also print out the free guide in the show notes to help you walk through setting these intentions in 2021.

Show Highlights:

  • How to take what we’ve learned this past year and have a fresh start
  • Setting intentional rhythms and routines for the new year
  • How setting small goals will support you in building new habits
  • The importance of reflecting on habits that did and didn’t work
  • How to regulate the different categories of health
  • Ways to prioritize your health on a daily basis
  • The importance of establishing your why
  • Robin shares the rhythms and routines she’s integrating into her life
  • Why visualization is important
  • What makes your calendar key to building your new life
  • Why you should always choose grace over guilt
  • Robin provides an overview of the Intentional Rhythms + Routines Guide
  • Why you need to get out your calendar and input your new rhythms for the new year


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