46: The Value of Investing in Yourself


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We all need community to support, encourage, and uplift us to be the healthiest versions of ourselves. In today's episode, Robin shares the positive impact The Balanced Life Sisterhood community has created, as well as features from 5 Sisterhood members.

These members share what drew them into The Balanced Life Sisterhood, how Pilates has helped them become the best version of themselves, and the reasons they keep coming back and rolling out their mats every day. Join Robin and The Sisterhood in this encouraging and insightful episode.

Show Highlights:

  • How The Balanced Life Sisterhood has created a positive community for women
  • Robin shares why she invited Sisterhood members to share their journey
  • Cynthia shares what inspired her to join the Sisterhood and what keeps her motivated
  • Erin discusses how the Sisterhood has improved her mindset, physical strength, and self-care
  • Jil reveals the positive changes she’s seen in her life from joining the Sisterhood
  • Lara shares how Pilates has healed her body and helped her manage life changes
  • Melissa discusses how shifts in her life led her to Pilates and how it improved her relationship with her body
  • Joining the Sisterhood is an investment we make in ourselves


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