48: Being Intentional About Self-Compassion with Lilit Lewis


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Today, we’re talking about self-talk and self-compassion - this is something we talk a lot about at The Balanced Life and is so important to our overall health.

Many of us will start a health + fitness journey and focus on all the physical components, but sometimes we fail to address what is going on inside our head, thoughts, and mind. We also fail to look at how that impacts the way we feel and act, our relationships, and our self-worth. All of this is connected. It can be a huge mistake to embark on a health and wellness journey without addressing the mental side of things. That includes mental health, emotional health, and how we talk to ourselves.

How we’re talking to ourselves, and the thoughts we’re thinking, affect the way we feel and affect our ability to be successful and make positive changes in our lives as a whole

Join Robin and her guest, Lilit Lewis, as they address the topic of self-talk and self-compassion. Lilit is a licensed marriage and family therapist and is a proponent of self-compassion. She has a wealth of information to share. This episode is one that everyone needs to hear.

Show highlights:

  • What self-compassion looks like.
  • How self-compassion speaks to our self-talk.
  • Some tips for becoming more aware of your thoughts and recognizing negative self-talk.
  • Ways to break out of the habit of negative self-talk.
  • The pay-off you get from making the shift to practice more self-compassion.
  • Why you need to step in and practice self-compassion with purpose and intent.
  • What self-compassion looks like when there have been negative consequences to your choices.
  • The best place to start with self-compassion.
  • Some tips for when you’re struggling to have compassion for yourself and find yourself having negative self-talk.
  • The impact on the other relationships in our lives when we change to have a more positive relationship with ourselves.

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