49: Creating a Simple, but Powerful Morning Routine


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As seasons of life shift, so do our morning routines. Maybe you have one, maybe you don’t, maybe you want a more set routine, or maybe you do better going with the flow. Regardless of what season you’re currently in, having habits we integrate into our mornings can help us set ourselves up better for our days.

In today’s episode, Robin shares her current morning routine and the reasons why she prioritizes them in the morning. Whether you’re looking to make a new routine, want to switch yours up a bit, or you’re just getting started, this episode is packed with tangible and rejuvenating ideas.

Show Highlights:

  • How to adapt and create a morning routine that fits for you
  • Embracing seasons and readjusting your routine
  • Being proactive throughout your day instead of reactive
  • Why Robin likes to “get ahead” of the day
  • Starting off the morning with positive and grateful thoughts
  • The benefits of using a dry brush
  • Why Robin takes a cold shower in the mornings
  • Listening to a podcast to start your day
  • Doing a 15-minute workout in the mornings
  • What Robin does for her spirituality
  • Why Robin avoids her phone in the morning


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