52: A Surprising Diagnosis: My Current Health and Healing Journey


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This year has presented many of us with unique struggles. Whether you’ve realized it or not, 2020 put many stressors and obstacles in daily life that may not have been there before.

In this week's episode, Robin is sharing some of the struggles she’s been facing over this past year and how she’s now overcoming them. Robin dives into a deep look at her own health, the challenges and diagnosis she has faced, and ways she’s moving forward. Join Robin in this personal and explorative episode to hear more about her health journey.

Show Highlights:

  • How pregnancy + the postpartum season impacted Robin’s health
  • The consistent symptoms Robin was experiencing
  • Why Robin chose to invest in a holistic practitioner
  • What is the Epstein Barr Virus and why Robin got tested for it
  • How Robin is dealing with mold toxicity and adrenal burnout
  • Ways stress impacts the body
  • The difference between acute stress and chronic stress
  • What is HPA Access
  • Ways The Balanced Life + Pilates has kept Robin afloat through her diagnosis
  • How the stress of 2020 weighed on Robin
  • What we all need to do to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves
  • The struggles of maintaining balance and health with a busy schedule
  • Ways Robin is working to detoxify her body
  • Getting our bodies back to a place of balance naturally
  • Small steps you can take to make progress on your health goals


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