#76 - Losing 180 Pounds Saved His Life By Taking Control & Going All In | John Glaude


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In today’s episode, we’re joined by John Glaude, aka “Obese to Beast.” John lost over 180 pounds when he was 20 years old, a transformation which changed the entire course of his life. A video in which he showed his loose skin to the world went viral, giving him the opportunity to go on the Ellen Show and use his story to help inspire others to lose weight and take control of their lives. We’ll dive into that journey today and hear about the impact it had on his life and everything in between those years.

John was a key member of the YouTube fitness community when it was just taking off. He tells the story of how he began his weight loss Instagram account, which led him into the world of YouTube. In the beginning, his content was focused on sharing his own weight loss journey and answering questions people had for him. In 2014, he made the video which changed his life, opening up about his loose skin post-weight loss. After going viral and appearing on Ellen, he quit the two jobs he had been working and made YouTube his main income source. Nick points out that exposure can either be very good or bad depending on the person.

Then, John recalls his childhood and how he got to his heaviest point before turning it all around. His mother, an ex-drug addict, never had a high paying job and wasn’t able to afford healthy foods for her family. He gained weight gradually, beginning after a hernia when he was 5 years old all the way up to the age of 20. He didn’t understand why he was gaining weight at the time and underestimated the amount he was eating. John played drums throughout high school and is still passionate about music today. After not making the football team, he turned to drumming as a lifesaver. It was the first thing he was really good at and recognized for.

John discusses the defining moment in which he knew he needed to make major life changes. His weight was always something that scared him and he knew would eventually cause him to take a turn for the worst. His experience at his childhood friend’s wedding was when he got into the mindset of wanting to stick to weight loss. It was soon after at age 20, inspired by an episode of L.A. Ink, that he decided it was time. Once he was in, he was in it for the long haul.

He started off by just cutting out fast food, junk food and soda. Since these made up the bulk of his diet, he began noticing changes quickly. It’s an important realization to know that you are in control of your life and the way that you live. Over one year, he lost the main bulk of his weight, but it wasn’t all perfect. He speaks openly about his struggle with binge eating during the process and dives deeper into some of the unhealthy habits he developed. When health becomes the main priority in your life, forcing you to sacrifice other aspects of your life, it then becomes unhealthy.

As the conversation starts wrapping up, John discusses where he is currently in his relationship with food. He stopped tracking his food in 2016 and hasn’t done it since. Because of his background, he will always be cognizant of what he is eating, but he is much less obsessive over it now. The biggest catalyst in all of this has been John’s belief in himself, which he didn’t always have. If he puts his mind to something, he will do it. Commitment is a powerful thing which could go either way. For John, there’s no motivation when it comes to staying fit, but it’s just what he does through routine. You have to create the foundation before you can build on it.


0:05 Introduction of today’s episode and guest

2:40 John’s initial online fitness content.

7:00 The video which changed John’s life.

17:14 Discussing John’s childhood.

22:30 The impact music had on John’s motivation for losing weight.

27:35 The defining moment for John in making his big life changes.

35:44 How soon John started seeing results after commiting.

39:13 John’s experiences in overcontrol or unhealthy habits during his journey.

44:45 John’s current relationship with food.

47:30 John’s biggest takeaway from his journey.

55:17 Closing words.


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