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Episode 6 [Part 3 of 3] - with guest "peSauce"

The final half hour of this epic episode with peSauce.. we crack open a skull vodka bottle and start off by listening to audio of a famous incident; radio 2Day FM hosts Jackie O and Kyle Sandilands threatened the band Frenzal Rhomb with "black-listing" from the Austereo network after a festival performance in Darwin, Australia. Other topics we cover:
* Barnsey getting paid in strange ways by a band back when running a recording studio
* Working in other studios around Sydney
* Meeting James Iha at a Smashing Pumpkins show
* peSauce talks about seeing the Tenacious D DVD, but one of the discs was not what was on the label
* Watching a Chinese censored version of the old Madonna movie Body Of Evidence

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