Five and Dive, Episode 89: Too Much Screen Time


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n Episode 89, Jeffrey and Craig chat about managing your infant's Dodgers bullpen consumption and then discuss five mostly World Series topics.
1. Dodgers put on a show and return World Series to status quo in Game 3 win: Neither of us remember much about this game other than Walker Buehler's pants. We do have some rhyme scheme takes.
2. Dodgers go from potential elation to disaster on a single World Series play: This segment is going to take a while.
3. Can you feel it? Dodgers one win from conquering decades of October heartbreak: Momentum is the next day's starting pitcher and Clayton Kershaw was all right.
4. The Last Picture Show: A preview of the balance of the 2020 World Series
5. There’s a lot of ways to make money in this world, but I can’t recommend pension fraud: Neither of us are lawyers, but this all seems a little weird in Baltimore.
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