Infinite Inning 161: The Rays vs Steely Dan


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David Roth returns to discuss the sale of the Mets, postseason aesthetics, and the launch of The Defector. Plus a Reds outfielder with way too much swing and miss in his game, Rogers Hornsby’s time versus Joe Morgan’s, and how a failed White Sox rebuild relates to both.
Rolando’s Room*Joe Morgan in His Time/Johnny Evers Loses a Job*David Roth: America’s Boyfriend Meets Bob Mould*Concertgoing*“Never Talking to You”*Live Reads*The Mets are Sold*Working for “Albert”*Going Out a “Winner”*Jacob deGrom vs. Craig Swan*Dodging the A-Rod Bullet*In the Best Interests of Baseball*Mystifying the Obvious (Election Talk)*Turning Off That Voice*Why We Needed Domestic Propaganda Posters in WWII*Laser-Focused on the Present *“But Her Emails”*Presidents on Speed*The Aesthetics of the 2020 Playoffs*Were the Yankees the Good Guys? Are the Rays Steely Dan?*Launching Defector*”The Office” Cliché*Goodbyes.
WARNING: As with most Roth episodes, there’s some extra-cussin’. Spare the children!
The Infinite Inning is not only about baseball but a state of mind. Steven Goldman, rotating cohosts Jesse Spector, Cliff Corcoran, and David Roth, and occasional guests discuss the game’s present, past, and future with forays outside the foul lines to the culture at large. Expect stats, anecdotes, digressions, explorations of writing and fandom, and more Casey Stengel quotations than you thought possible. Along the way, they’ll try to solve the puzzle that is the Infinite Inning: How do you find the joy in life when you can’t get anybody out?

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