Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Energies as Entrepreneurs


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In this week’s episode, Gwen guides Claire to trust her feminine, and release the hyper-masculine when building her new business. In her daily life, Claire has moments where she feels connected to her feminine, and as if she’s living from that state of surrender, creation, and flow. But when the work to-do list gets overwhelming, Claire drops into hyper-masculine energy of, “I have to do it all, do it now, and I can’t rest until it is all done.” Through guiding Claire to understand the masculine and feminine energies within her and releasing the need to control when she feels out of control, Claire connects to the wise feedback that this forceful energy has for her. By listening and honoring this wisdom of the masculine and feminine, Claire is able to find the grace and ease she’s been looking for as she starts her business. In this episode we discuss: • Feeling out of control and overwhelmed with work •Learning to sit with discomfort and listening to its feedback • How being in control brings a false sense of security and safety • How to bring masculine and feminine balance in our work as women • Identifying the childhood experiences and coping mechanisms to survive • How to shift the younger experience into a new way of being as an adult • Deconditioning old ways, taking contrary action, and creating new patterns • Slowing down to listen to the clarity of the divine feminine energy and her intuition • Becoming so attuned to your own patterns and nervous system to become sovereign • How healing one issue inside helps shift the collective imbalance of masculine-feminine If you would like to join the upcoming Moon Mastery in December 2021 to embody this for yourself, enter the podcast code BEAUTIFULGRITMM10 for 10% off If you found this episode helpful, please share on Instagram and tag Gwen @gwendittmar and leave a rating and review - each one counts! If you’d like to be coached in a future podcast, please schedule through this link:

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