The Best Job Ever by Troy Shaffer @ EMS Flight Safety Network


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Smart flight crews know their safety depends on teamwork. Emergency Medical Services Flight Safety Network Podcast is about the people who keep air medical flights safe - and how to do what they do, even if you have no experience. Flight Safety Network is the EMT who arrives first on scene of an accident. The 911 dispatcher who takes the initial call for help. The flight communication specialist who launches the air medical helicopter. The firefighter who sets up and secures a landing zone for the inbound helicopter. The flight nurse, paramedic and pilot on board the inbound aircraft. The hospital security guard who helps off-load a patient underneath turning rotors. The emergency department staff who receives the patient from the flight team. The mechanic who keeps the helicopters and airplanes flying safely. And of course, Flight Safety Network is the family & friends who support these everyday heroes. People are the 'net' in Flight Safety Network. People are the difference.

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