REAL TALK RECOVERY: I'm In Limbo Land And I Don't What To Do


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I don't feel like i have a really clear question to ask, i've just been in limbo for 3 years. Knowing God will bring me and my spouse back together and it happening feel like two alien forces working against eachother. As my counselor says, "i am the only one who can determine how long I can live this way." After 3 years of separation, i would say he is still doing things for recovery, but he doesn’t know why he’s not safe, why I don’t trust him, and I’m not convinced he believes he needs “recovery.” He had 3 affairs, 20+ years, does Bible study, has accountability partner I don’t think is helping, has counselors that seem to think I need to forgive him, and he says if he moves into the house he would be able to be emotionally intimate. I completely agree with your comments about him never trusting me, and I don’t think he can trust me yet. I do wonder if I should take the leap, trust God, let him move in, trust he will move towards me, etc? I believe in a God of miracles, but He also blessed me with a brain and values me as His child, He wants me to be in a relationship where I am cherished and loved. I am patient, obviously, and I’m one of those that doesn’t want to pull the trigger, but I want to honor God and where He wants me. Am I crazy?

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