Hip-Hop & Healing Part 1


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I'm sorry about the buzz audible in the first few seconds of the episode. I tried many ways to eliminate it but could not figure it out. DM me if you have advice on how to fix that in the future! This week I was not able to interview my guest so I'm releasing this episode as a two-parter in the hopes I'll be able to deliver an interview soon. This episode is about my passion for music and the hip-hop community and how it has helped me through racial healing for over half of my life.
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Stacey Abrams and her book Lead From The Outside
Spotify-here's a recent playlist I have on repeat
News-Chaos and Comrades-I'm new to it but I'll report back
Inspiration-Stacey Abrams-grassroots field organizers
Respite-Giving myself grace
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