Representation Matters To Us with Maggi Delgado, creator of @PinkLeo_Productions


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Maggi Delgado, creator of PinkLeo Productions, and I talk about media representation for BIPOC, women, and queer people. Maggi hired me for some freelance copy-editing, design, and brand work and in the process we talked a lot about seeing ourselves creating for diverse audiences and resonating with emerging popular media that has begun to depict our stories on screen. We love to laugh and chat and call stuff out and we always go over our meeting times so please enjoy this extra long final episode of season 1 of The Bi-Conscious Badass. Thank you for listening!
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Mixing It Up With Maggi Podcast
News-AJ+, Buzzfeed, LatinAmerican news because it's on in her house (I experience the same in my parent's home-and I dislike it, lol, but it gives perspective) Telemundo and Univision.
Inspiration-Digital Humanities and Digital Pedagogy masters study class topics
Respite-Media as escapism like Lovecraft Country and enjoyed the Wellness Netflix series
News-I discuss the value of entertainment news in my life in sharpening my bi-conscious eyes/ears
Inspiration-officially starting my own life coaching business and stepping into my service to others
Respite-The thought "Nothing has gone wrong"
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