138: What is Biblical Counseling?


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Now Enrolling: BiblicalCounselingAcademy.com Biblical Counseling Can Be Described As:
  • 1:1 Soul Care, Ministering to One Another
  • It begins with the Lord as Counselor. The comprehensive, all-sufficient wisdom and knowledge of Jesus, our Wonderful Counselor.
  • He is given to us for discipleship and sanctification,
  • Through the life-giving, life-changing, life-liberating, life-sustaining truth of the word of God,
  • By the full involvement of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth,
  • Involving prayer from trusting, seeking hearts,
  • All in the context of the Lord’s love being shared in the relationships and “one another” ministries of Christ’s church,
  • While being alert and careful to avoid the philosophical wisdom of this world and the resources of the self-life.
Counseling God’s way is not getting ideas from the experts of the world in psychological theory. Rather, it is putting our hope in the Lord and using His ordained means of counseling. Let’s ask God to show us if the counsel that we receive and the counsel that we give fits His pattern. If so, thank God and press ahead in it. If not, let’s allow the Lord to adjust our counseling to His will. Also, may we pray for all in the church world to do the same.

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