Interview with legendary New York DJ Tommy Nappi


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Today we speak with the Pioneer and Legendary DJ of Freestyle music, DJ Tommy Nappi...

When Tommy's not at his day job as the VP of Promotions for a major record label, he can still be heard 'Droppin' the Beat' at you local clubs and pubs. For all you late night owls, you can catch him spinning the tunes and Rockin' NYC Friday nights at 11 PM on New York's very own 103.5 KTU-The Beat of New York.

We talk old school, new school, and freestyle tunes as well as Long Island's hot club scene and all the shenanigans that went on.

Tommy also spins himself into playing a round of everyone's FAVORITE radio game, 'This or That" with Cyn.

You don't want to miss a beat of this interview, so tune-in and hold on!!!

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