Interviews with Below Deck Sailing Yacht's Gary King, Musician David D'Alessio, Author/Illustrator Nick Vianna and Musician Dondi


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ALL Ashore that's going Ashore!!! On today's show we have Gary King from Bravo TV's HIT Show, Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

Gary shares with us all the deets on living, working and playing on a high-end luxury yacht as well as what it was like to have taped last year's episodes during the height of the Covid pandemic.

While playing everyone's Favorite radio game, 'This or That' with Cyn, we find out if Gary is a top or bottom bunk guy, the type of bathing suit he likes to wear and what it's like to play the triangle.

So hold on and let's sail away into another exciting Big Fat Joey Show interview.

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Next up on today's show is singer/songwriter David D'Alessio.

We talk about and premier his latest HIT single, 'Throw Yourself In Front Of It' (Dropped on 3.05.2021) and his upcoming latest EP' This Far Apart'. (Dropping Summer of 2021).

David also shares with us his journey on becoming a musician in NYC.

This journey has led to his music being played on ABC's 'Freeform' as well as the Hallmark channel, along with him being able to tour with Colbie Caillet, Lifehouse and Missy Higgins.

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Up next we talk to author/illustrator Nick Vianna.

We talk about his latest HIT children's book, 'TEN TIDAL TALES'.

These 10 short illustrated tales told by Larry and G, reveal the fun, quirky and magical mysteries of the sea.

Nick is an accomplished author and illustrator whose catalogue of children's work has taken the kiddie universe by storm.

His books are fun, whimsical, colorful and imaginative.

Besides 'TEN TIDAL TALES', pick up his other children's books on @amazonbooks

-The Pie Shaper Caper

-I Want A Whale

-My Bed Is...

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And rounding out the show this week, we speak with Musician and Frontman for the Philadelphia band JellyRoll, Dondi.

Dondi talks about his pursuit of his musical dream as well as we get to hear his latest HIT single, 'Live It Up'.

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