Interviews with Below Deck Sailing Yacht's Sydney Zaruba and Humanitarian Josh Aryeh


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On today's show we speak with Bravo TV's Below Deck Sailing Yacht's Sydney Zaruba.

Sydney spills the seawater and let's us know what goes on 'Below Deck'.

Sydney also plays everyone's favorite radio game 'This or That' with Cyn.

So put on your life jacket and hold on for hijinks on the high seas.

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Also on today's show we speak with one of the most generous people I know, Josh Aryeh, A.K.A. 'Batman' @batmanrealaccount

Josh has made it his life's mission to put smiles on the faces of those who are ill, especially children. Josh traverses the NYC metro area with his band of friends and their exotic cars delivering smiles far and wide. With the help of volunteers and his supporters, @asap_water_llc and @americandream Josh is able to fulfill his life's mission.

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To support his mission, and to read up on all that he's up to, check him out on the web at:

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