#39: How to Inspire People to Tell Their Stories with Ben Salise, Host of Mugstoria


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In today's show of The Big Picture Podcast, Dave and Jo interviewed Mugstoria host, Ben Salise. Mugstoria aims to bring visual, short, shareable, inspirational, and hyperlocal stories to individual readers as well as entire communities. Banking on the notion that there is a storyteller in each person, Mugstoria also aims to encourage and inspire people to share their own stories.

In today’s episode, Ben shared how he started Mugstoria, his video that went viral, and the things he learned from running the show. Not only that, he also dished out advice for people who want to become influencers, why confidence is important, and the projects he's working on, among many others. You’d surely enjoy this episode, so don’t forget to tune in!

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