#44: The Road to Successful Entrepreneurship with multi-awarded entrepreneur and chairman of “The Islands Group” Jay Aldeguer


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Hailed as the “souvenir virtuoso,” Jay Aldeguer is considered one of Cebu’s most creative and innovative entrepreneurs. To this day, the founder and chairman of “The Islands Group” continues to introduce fresh and exciting ideas and encourages people to think and act global.

After a backpacking trip in Europe, he came up with the idea for Island Souvenirs. Introduced in early 1992, Island Souvenirs completely revolutionised the way souvenirs are presented. Today, the most awarded retail concept in the Philippines continues to dominate the souvenir industry.

If you want to venture into business, make a difference in the community, and create a name for yourself, don’t forget to tune in to today’s episode. Jay’s creative drive, passion for service, and zest for life will surely give you the inspiration you need to make it big.

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