#49: From Running a Small Carenderia to Managing a Successful Homegrown Multi-Brand Business with Chef Raki Urbina of the Laguna Group


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Café Laguna, Laguna Group’s flagship restaurant, started as a 10-table carenderia known as Mother’s Best. It opened in 1979 and was situated in the then apartment Mrs. Julita Urbina was renting. In 1991, they renovated the apartment space, expanded the venue, and re-branded the restaurant Café Laguna. And the rest they say is history. Today’s guest is Chef Raki Urbina, Laguna Group’s corporate chef and managing director. Among other things, he talked about their humble beginnings and how they evolved into one of the country’s most successful brands, their business mindset and values, and what their future plans are for the Laguna Group. If you are starting your own business and can use some much-needed inspiration, you can’t afford to miss today’s episode!

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