#57: Establishing Modern Tribes with Creative Entrepreneur and Avid Traveler Rachel Arandilla


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The journey towards success shouldn’t be a lonely road. Being an entrepreneur or aspiring business owner can have a lot of challenges but your personal journey towards achieving your goals shouldn’t be a lonely one. Having peers that you can connect and interact with is important not only to your mental health but also to your growing network of connections.

We invited Rachel Arandilla, a creative entrepreneur and ardent traveler. She dabbles in travel writing, business, and creative marketing. As someone who interacts with people and shares stories, she expands on “tribes” and how connecting with others in terms of interests can help you form bonds that last for a long time.

In this episode, Rachel talks about Story Nights, finding your own tribe, and Cebu. She also stresses the importance of creating a community, being involved, and being present as a way to improve one’s self. Her ideas on being a creative while also being in business, and marrying the two together, gives us a view on how she’s made it this far in life.

Join us as we go into the world of modern tribes, where social media and having a solid community can bring about a change in your life. Whether you’re interested in business, the creative scene, or just want to tune in to a fun podcast, this episode is something you shouldn’t miss!

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