#58: Managing a family business, creating long term goals and appreciating feedback with Evangeline Hayco Ugarte


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Working your way around the business scene is a hard but rewarding experience. Creating and innovating your ideas while building your brand is a long term adventure. Either you’re someone handling your family’s business or looking to be the first of many generations to establish a business, a little piece of advice will always come in handy no matter the situation.

We invited Evangeline Hayco Ugarte, a triathlete and an entrepreneur. Aside from being an athlete she also handles her family’s business. She talks about the Grid, and how her dad never gave up on them in order to enlighten her to go into the business world.

In this episode, Evangeline opens up about generational businesses, creating long term goals, the Grid, and appreciating feedback. Being a person managing a family business, she expands on what it means to be a custodian of your own business and training the next generation in order to establish a concrete foundation.

Join us as we explore the world of generational business and how Evangeline has navigated through the ups and downs of being at the center of one. If you’re curious about creating a business through a long term and generational perspective then this episode is something you shouldn’t miss!

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